Mobile Shopping Consumer Habits

Mobile shopping consumer habits are unveiled in the latest Havas PR Prosumer Report, Digital and the New Consumer: Emerging Paths to Purchase.

Our handy infographic shows the results of the report, for shoppers from Manchester to Milan, and beyond!  We found that all consumers are situated somewhere on a line that stretches from Digitally Dissociated through Digitally Divided and Digitally Experimental to Digitally Integrated.

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Digitally Dissociated consumers stick to traditional face-to-face purchasing. They don’t use digital technologies for shopping, either because they can’t or because they choose not to.


Digitally Divided consumers regard digital as a separate place that they access from a computer at home or work. They are happy to shop around and purchase online and may well read reviews and print out coupons for use in stores. However, they wouldn’t use a mobile device while shopping except maybe to make a phone call.


Digitally Experimental consumers know that they can go online wherever and whenever they feel like it. They are open to trying out what’s available and exploring what’s possible. For them, digital is a place that’s intriguing and still a bit of an adventure.


Digitally Integrated consumers blend online and offline throughout their lives without making a conscious distinction between them; digital is simply part of where and how they live.


Infographic on the latest Prosumer Report