A day in the life of PR: Visit to BBC studios at Media City

Also known as ‘the day I was virtually attacked by buffaloes’ at Media City

Last week I joined a few colleagues for a behind-the-scenes tour of the BBC at Media City in Salford Quays.

We had a sneak peek at the studios for BBC Sport, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Breakfast.

From planning to presenters, staff are working round the clock to produce a constant stream of content across TV, radio and online.

BBC at Media City

BBC at Media City

First stop was BBC Sport and BBC 5 Live.

Now, I was delighted when our new laptops arrived in Havas Towers a few months ago, which allowed me to use dual screens in the office – but that was soon overshadowed on entering the BBC.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many screens at one desk.

Teams are constantly working to generate new content in a fast paced environment – eyes and ears are listening out at all times!

BBC 5 Live studios

BBC 5 Live studios – only one view of hundreds of screens!

Over at BBC Breakfast, Nigel and I were offered a place on the couch as the new Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull – but I’m not a morning person so we had to turn them down!

Victoria and Nigel taking over the BBC Breakfast couch at Media City

Victoria and Nigel taking over the BBC Breakfast couch at Media City


Lastly, we stopped off at BBC’s internal training centre – called The Blue Room.

This was one of my favourite parts of the visit as we had the chance to try out the team’s virtual reality gadget!

I donned my goggles and earphones and was entered into several virtual scenes – kicking off at a bridge, then attending a lovely forest wedding (thankfully I wasn’t the bride!) before ending up in a field being savagely attacked – sorry – ‘virtually’ attacked by buffaloes.

The short video is below. Unfortunately our (now fired) camerawoman, Lauren, didn’t catch the moment the buffaloes launched themselves at me, so instead you can see my amazement at spotting a bridge – delightful!

The afternoon was rounded off with a spot of Lunch at Dock Bar, a great ending to a fun and educational afternoon at the BBC – hopefully we’ll be back again soon!

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