Asda has launched Wonky Veg

Asda has launched Wonky Veg




















There’s been major excitement at Havas PR towers thanks to the fact Asda has launched Wonky Veg.

It was a great and worthwhile campaign for us to work on alongside Asda’s brilliant in-house team, and it’s already had fantastic feedback from customers and the media alike.

The £3.50 Wonky Veg Boxes are part of a drive to cut food waste and launched at Asda stores to coincide with Channel 4’s ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’ feature.

After a media engagement programme the boxes sold out entirely at all 550 stores in England, Scotland and Wales, within 6 ½ hours!

Building support locally is really important to ensure the long term success of this great initiative, so we have been pleased that in the first week of launch it received more than 170 pieces of coverage, reaching an audience of more than 15 million people.

So get yourself down to your nearest Asda and try Wonky Veg yourself!