Havas PR CEO predicts 2012 trends in PR, marketing and international issues


Emma Cameron, Account Director

AS the Christmas carols start to ring out and the Euro Manchester team begin indulging in one too many gluhweins at the Manchester Christmas markets, it seems appropriate to look to the year ahead and what this may bring.

 Marian Salzman, the CEO of Havas PR Worldwide PR North America, is known internationally for her trendspotting abilities so we certainly sat up and took notice when she revealed her latest predictions for 2012.

Marian and her team looked at future trends for next year, ranging from advertising and politics through to home furnishings and marketing, and here we reveal just a few of them. We’re looking forward to seeing how these come to fruition and how they affect PR in Manchester and worldwide.

 So here goes:


 Out with the new, in with tradition

 With financial concerns still a burning economic issue, the notion of ‘value’ looks set to change next year. We should expect to see a return to traditional thinking, with a refocus on family, food and forgotten simple joys.


No ‘i’ in team

In our 24-hour society, we constantly need new developments in communication. Whether it’s social media monitoring or cloud computing, 2012 will be the year where collaborative software enables us to work anywhere at any time.


Grey is the new black

 As boundaries in everyday life blur – work/life balance being a perfect example – we’re all seeing things in a distinctly greyer way. This is also significant on the world platform as we are seeing record numbers of aging populations – the grey age.


 It’s good to talk – through social media

 It’s never been easier to get your opinions heard and social media has certainly boosted our horizons. If you want to share your views on last night’s breaking news story or who should win The X Factor, you can be sure of a captive audience on Facebook and Twitter among many other social media sites. Never before has the opportunity to claim your share of voice been so accessible than in this ever evolving social media age


Transparency is key for consumers

We all have our favourite brands and that’s not set to change, but what we expect from our brands certainly will alter in 2012. We want to know everything about our brands. If coffee’s your thing, where did the beans come from? What price was paid to the farmer who nourished them to give you that perfectly frothy cappuccino and how many miles has it taken for your drink to reach you? The pressure is on for businesses to be better, to be transparent and to be accountable. We want answers and businesses must keep up or risk losing face and, crucially, customers.

So, have you got your own predictions for 2012? If so, we’d love to hear them. Why not tweet us and let us know how you see the next 12 months panning out?

You can also check out our video on this subject.


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