Havas Village Manchester creates Prolific North Live Social Newsroom

Havas Village Manchester has successfully brought the Social Newsroom to the inaugural Prolific North Live.


With over 2,000 attendees, 100 exhibitors, 60 company presentations, and 30 speakers, ProlificNorthLive  was the biggest ever gathering of media, marketing, PR and creative professionals outside of London. And there to cover it all was the Havas Social Newsroom, powered by Havas PR UK and Havas Media.

The Havas Social NewsSocial Newsroom photoroom at ProlificNorthLive was instigated by a team from Havas Village Manchester, composed of 15 people from Havas PR UK, Havas Media Manchester, and Socialyse, working closely with the owners of Prolific North Live.

How the Social Newsroom was powered

Havas Village Manchester provided the executive editor on the day of the event, plus expertise in content creation and measurement. Reporters capturing content on the day came from our team, who also acted as community managers.

The Social Newsroom for Havas Village Manchester utilises the skills and experience provided by our colleagues at Socialyse, who have had such success running the Havas Café Social Newsroom at the Cannes Lions festival for the last two years, and the content creation expertise of the Havas PR UK team.

And it had a huge impact on the day, with Havas Village Manchester creating and sharing great content across multiple channels from the likes of Head of ITV News Granada, Lucy West, and BBC Sport Online Editor, Stewart Rowson.

 The results

The Havas Village Manchester Social Newsroom helped amplify Prolific North Live to a worldwide audience. Our analysts revealed that the results included:

  • #PNLive received 5,364 Twitter mentions, with a reach of 19 million.
  • The rate of social engagement was 136 tweets per hour
  • The event trended in Manchester, London and LA.

 Thanks to everyone involved in the success of the event.


To discuss using the Social Newsroom to power your event call Nigel Hughes on 0161 236 2277.