About us

About Havas PR

Havas PR is an agency based in Manchester, Edinburgh and London. We’ve been at the forefront of public relations consultancy since 1978, and while our name has changed over the years, the quality and innovation has not.

As part of Havas Worldwide, we offer our clients world class public relations campaigns backed up with the data, insights, creative firepower and measurement rigour you would expect from one of the world’s best communications groups.

We’re the UK’s top retail PR agency, we have an award winning business and corporate communications team, and we have a state of the art social lab used by some of the biggest brands around.

PR is changing

PR is changing, and as we’re integrated with Havas Worldwide we have an advantage over agencies that talk the integration game but lack the resources to make it a reality. We use this experience to manage reputations for our clients, online and offline, combining many years of experience in traditional PR channels with new digital technology such as SEO PR, social media analytics and integrated marketing campaigns.

Please feel free join the conversation through this blog or our social channels, or contact Havas PR in Manchester to find out more about what we do.

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Havas PR, the agency that…

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