Barratt Homes

Campaign: Junior Design Directors

Barratt Manchester PR campaignEmphasising the family friendly appeal of a new Barratt Manchester property, Havas devised a PR campaign that put children first when it came to choosing a new home.

The campaign began with a survey that showed how children are getting a bigger and bigger say when it comes to decisions that affect all the family. From what TV show to watch on a Saturday night to the interior design style for a bedroom makeover, the survey showed that parents increasingly let their children have the final word.

To show how this trend was even affecting potential house buyers, Barratt announced a search for a Junior Board of Design Directors to advise on the interior design of its show homes.

These young designers were asked to road test show homes to check that the furniture and design styles were the right match for the young and growing families that choose a new Barratt home.

The campaign achieved press coverage for Barratt Manchester right across the North West.