Campaign: #hotdogsontour

Greggs Hot Dog - New YorkWhere better to launch the first ever hot dog from Greggs than the home of street food itself, New York?

Havas and Greggs took a trip to the Big Apple to see what New Yorkers thought of the latest food on the go offering from Greggs.

Sampling teams handed out free food to passers-by in the centre of city and filmed their reactions. The new hot dogs got a resounding yes vote from New Yorkers and it wasn’t long before the UK press heard about this ambitious launch and word spread via newspapers and on social media.

The hashtag #hotdogsontour started to trend after Greggs hot dogs were photographed against iconic New York backdrops including the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. UK hot dog fans began tweeting their own pics of hot dogs set against famous landmarks closer to home.

The launch campaign achieved reams of press coverage, drove social media conversation and sharing and played in big part in Greggs beating sales targets in the weeks immediately after the launch.