Building brands that matter


Havas PR on building brands that matter

Building brands that matter – Havas PR’s latest Prosumer Report shows us seven factors that hit the sweet spot between trust and dynamism:

  1. Purpose – 80% of Prosumers say it makes them feel good  to buy from companies that  have a clear social purpose
  2. Sociability – 80% of Prosumers say comments on social  networks influence their  opinions of a brand
  3. Seamlessness – 80% of Prosumer say in the future, more of their  shopping will take place online
  4. Quality – 76% of Prosumers are willing to pay more for  a brand that has a good  reputation
  5. Transparency -86% of Prosumers say it’s important to them  that companies operate  transparently
  6. Roots – 67% of Prosumers like brands that use traditional  manufacturing methods (e.g.,  hand forged, artisan made)
  7. Multilocal – 87% of Prosumers are say being a positive presence  in local communities is key to  building a brand’s reputation

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