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Havas is a corporate PR agency with more than 30 years’ experience and was named the top corporate PR agency in the North West at the 2014 CIPR PRide awards. Our approach is one of strategic thinking and straight talking. We’re not based in a ‘City’ bubble and our offices span the whole of the UK. We understand the power of regional audiences and the impact this has on reputation, and our offices in Manchester and Edinburgh contain some of the brightest corporate PR specialists around, with clients across the UK and across sectors. Our corporate work has included PR for inward investment, foreign investment, fund generation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate brand building and board profiling. We begin every corporate campaign by going through the same process, challenging clients to think with us and work together:

  • Stakeholders: who are our internal and external audiences, what authority do they have?
  • Change in behaviour: what needs to happen?
  • Assets: existing versus necessary
  • Strategy: what underpins our approach
  • Method: how will we deliver this
  • Costs: transparent and commitment to value
  • Evaluation: quantitative and qualitative

We use this approach to deliver a range of corporate PR services including:

  • Executive profiling
  • Research
  • Social media profiling
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Employer branding and engagement
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Parliamentary communications
  • Macro and micro strategies

Finally, we believe in people-led corporate communications and, like Warren Buffet, that goodwill and people are key intangible assets that can determine the true value of a company – especially in the social media age where cloak and dagger corporate communications are easily exposed, leaving strong strategy and willingness to lead from the front, as the key values of the day. To discuss this with us please get in touch on 0161 236 2277 or use the contact form on this page.

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