Consumer PR study


  Companies are expected to step up where governments have failed. Transparency, sustainability, and a purpose beyond profit are more than popular catchphrases. They’re now bottom-line expectations for how larger businesses and brands are expected to operate, according to new research by Havas PR UK.   A new consumer PR study, “Project Superbrand: 10 Truths […]


Busman’s Holiday at Danone Nations Cup Final

Whether working in PR or any other career, most people’s dream job would involve getting paid for their hobby, something that they love doing anyway. Last weekend felt like that for me when I spent the day at Aston Villa’s training ground, working as part of the PR team at the English national finals of […]

PR response to flooding - Havas

Response to floods shows Public Relations doesn’t have to be a dirty word

‘So then, what do we do about the floods?’ A question heard throughout boardrooms of businesses across the UK this past month. After one of the cruellest winters imaginable for thousands of families, big organisations were compelled to respond, not least because they too had been affected. It is at times like this that public […]

Letter from America 2: David Jones keynote at Havas PR Global Leadership Meeting in Miami

So, we begin the Havas PR Global Leadership Meeting in Miami today and it is opened by David Jones, the leader of the leaders.  He is Global CEO of Havas and Havas PR Worldwide whose first job in advertising, ironically, was in Manchester.  He was born and schooled in Cheshire and is a really good […]