Burns Night

On Saturday, 25th January, Scots all over the country donned their tartan with pride and dusted off the bag pipes as they celebrated Robert Burns day. Some reading this may not understand what the fuss is ‘aboot’ but here in Bonnie Scotland, it’s a day to celebrate. Robert Burns is considered the National Poet of […]

Scotland has been voted the third best place in the world to visit

It is tourism marketing gold – us Scots at the Havas PR Edinburgh office are very proud to announce Scotland has been voted the third best place in the world to visit next year. And why wouldn’t it be? Not only do we have fields and fields of gorgeous scenery, historical museums and a giant green monster (that […]

PR unpaid internships

Putting a spin on it It is that time of year again, when young graduates fire off applications to PR consultancies in the hope of finding employment.  That is if they are not going off on their gap year.  I didn’t have that luxury – I worked at Cussons Soap Factory in Salford every summer […]

Scottish referendum voting age

The age of consent – what should it be? No, not THAT age of consent but at what age should teenagers/young adults/whatever you want to call, them be allowed to vote? Why am I asking when we all know that you can’t vote until you turn 18? Well, that may soon change thanks to legislation […]

RBS 6 Nations: Sporting Heaven and Hell

Havas PR UK Edinburgh Associate Director, Ann Bryant, reveals how the RBS 6 Nations causes a few scrums in her domestic life…   It’s that time of the year again when I turn from a mild mannered Edinburgh PR consultant, into a snarling armchair sports fan. Friends and family know when NOT to call as […]