Super Bowl hot dog tips from Greggs

Hot Dog! Greggs shows how to eat your Super Bowl snack like a pro

With the Super Bowl now just two days away, the countdown is on to get everything organised for the evening of the Big Game. Fortunately, Greggs have taken one for the team (geddit?) and resolved any snack squabbles in advance: their answer? Hot dogs! To ensure customers have a stress-free Sunday, Greggs have teamed up […]

Greggs Hot Dogs On Tour

Greggs hot dog hits New York City

The Greggs hot dog has┬áhit New York City, thanks to the latest campaign Havas PR has worked on with our awesome client, Greggs. Our very own Alex Duckett joined the Greggs team in the Big Apple to see what New Yorkers made of the Greggs hot dog, and Alex reported queues right down the block […]