New Havas study finds selfies are no longer cool

Selfies are no longer cool, says New Havas Survey

The ‘Dad Selfie’ favoured by Trump, Corbyn and Cameron has taken the shine off the Kardashian-led super-trend   In the week a baby dolphin was reportedly killed thanks to selfie-seekers in Argentina, a new survey from Havas PR UK has claimed the era of the selfie is set to end. In news that should alarm the […]

Valentine’s Day PR survey shows online romance is becoming real for millenials

Havas Worldwide’s annual Valentine’s Day PR survey, “Love & Lust”, conducted among 2,000 adults in the US and UK,  shows that 20thcentury science fiction scenarios of computer sex and love are becoming real in the 21st century for the rising generation of Millennials, who are immersed in computer games and online socialising Almost one-third (32 percent) […]