Student PR experience

Practice makes perfect, five weeks at Havas PR

Nothing rings truer to me after my five weeks work experience at Havas PR than the cliché “practice makes perfect”. Not in the sporting sense of the word practice, but rather in the pursuit of a vocation. The study of distinguished intellects and theorists is all well and good up to a point, but to […]

Havas gives advice on PR jobs in Manchester

A day in the life of Havas PR

Coming into Havas PR, I had very little, if any, experience or knowledge about what PR really was. I’d heard my Dad talk about it (not always in a positive light!) for most of my life but never had a grasp of what he meant. I’m pleased to say now that I have a much […]

WAM! It’s our Manchester PR Review: 4th April

From 21 degrees to snow in a week, the weather in Manchester has been apocalyptic. But with the sun peeking out again (expect for our Edinburgh PR team!), we’re seeing more and more of the general public’s flesh. So as toes get painted and bikinis get aired for the second time its food, drink and […]